Is There a Difference Between Grounding & Earthing?

YES according to some and depending on how technical you want to get.

Earthing is used commonly in the European and commonwealth countries, where as Grounding is a North American standard.

If you are talking electricity flowing through wires there is a huge difference between the two.

Earthing = to minimize the risk of an electrical shock if touching metal parts when a fault is present, discharging the electrical current into the Earth. Ground is really another word for Earth which is a common return path for electric current and circuits maybe connected to ground (Earth) for several reasons.

If you are talking about collecting, absorbing Mother Earth’s energy the difference is very suttle.

Grounding is being connected to Mother Earth it is the end result.

Earthing is the process of absorbing Mother Earth’s free flowing electrons from the surface with the soles of one’s bare feet creating the connection and Grounding.

The energy is not only in the ground it is also within the vegetation, so hugging a tree also creates reciprocity with Mother Earth. A give and take of energies.

Have you EVER hugged a tree?

Some Indian beliefs are that trees hold the souls of EVERY single living thing that passes by during it’s lifetime. Imagine the energy Trees are just waiting to give You!

Grounding is . . .

Truly a means of Free reflexology
Creates a positive healing, energy restoring connection
Absorbing the electrical energy creating a give and take with Earth
Obliterating sadness
Greatly reducing the risk of disease
Empowering YOU!


when you BREATHE and add some movement with your grounding, you increase the benefits exponentially.

NEED scientific data regarding this subject?       here you go

Please watch the video on grounding/earthing . It is so chocked full of life changing information I decided to insert the link in both places!

Purpose ~ When You Love What You Do!

The Center of course is the Sweet Spot or YOUR Heart.

Where EVERYTHING connects.
Woven into your IMPerfect tapestry of life. . .

In order to get there you need do these things first . . .

Find your Passion
     What do you LOVE to do?
What takes you to the happiest place on earth?
What make your Heart explode with joy?

Make it Your Mission
     It needs to resonate in every cell of your body
It will CALL to you, pull you in the right direction
It feels like an assignment you have to carry out

It FEELs like a Vocation
     The suit of this fits you like an Italian custom suit, to a tee
You know you need to dedicate yourself to this
This IS worthy of your time, heart, and spirit

and it

BEcomes your Profession
You are an evergreen learner
You have become an expert
You are the SUM of all these parts

You know you are in the sweet spot when you feel like you are:

  1. DOing something you love
  2. You are GREAT at
  3.  The WORLD needs it
  4.  You ARE paid for it

When all of this is congruent with WHO you REALLY are you will most definitely know your


Otherwise you are only going through the motions of life. Sometimes you will be happy other times not so much.

In fact when you are not lining up with your true CORE VALUES things seem to be amiss, jagged and just plain wrong.

Take the time to know what your amazing qualities are to give the World!

We ALL want to learn from you. . .